Why Does A Vegetarian Leave A Smaller Ecological Footprint Than An Omnivore?

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If you are searching for ways to make your carbon footprint smaller, try to eat less meat.  That was a key finding from a major recent study conducted on diets in the US. Researchers discovered that vegetarians had approximately half as small of a food-related carbon footprint compared to meat eaters.  Even lower was the […]

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Raw vegan desserts

raw veag cake

 Raw Vegan Desserts   Raw vegan desserts, guilt free goodness. Being a vegan does not necessarily mean you have to bid adieu to the delightful and guilty pleasures of desserts. Veganism is not a fad and it is no longer just a trend. Millions of people are now vegan for a myriad of reasons and […]

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Using banana as an egg substitute

vegan egg substitute

Using Banana as an Egg Substitute   Is there such a thing as a banana egg substitute? You better believe there is! When it comes to vegan alternatives to eggs, you have some pretty neat options to play with. Most recipes can use this egg for banana substitute. That is one of the first benefits […]

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