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About the author

Ashley is a girly girl who hails from a long lineage of Eastern Oregon game hunters, Ashley has many memories of Novembers spent helping her old man pack his Cabela’s, in the back of a Jeep or atop the Rocky Mountains alongside rifle-in-hand family members. Family vacations were for the weak, real Sees went hunting. Not every See had meat curing sheds or cabins, but every See could have a food group dedicated to venison.

Although Ashley’s still a noob in many regards, she hasn’t eaten meat since 6/1/2009. Since becoming a vegetarian, Ashley’s lost forty pounds and eight dress sizes.

As a lacto-vegetarian, she still consumes dairy products (i.e., cheese, milk), but abstains from eating eggs and all animal flesh – albeit it seafood, poultry or beef. Ashley’s transition to vegetarianism was in pursuit of better health and on moral grounds for animal rights.

What you can expect from Freshly Vegetarian

Ashley’s move to vegetarianism has proven to be learning process of unwinding her meat-heavy diet as a child to a healthy vegetarian repertoire as an adult.

If you’re curious about what vegetarianism entails then this may be the blog for you. Ashley’s discoveries and learnings from omnivore to herbivore come in all shapes and sizes — prior to becoming a vegetarian she was nearly 40 lbs heavier, and the only thing she’d ever made in the kitchen was a mess.

As Ashley learns about nutrition, how to cook and the reasons compelling others to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, you can expect posts containing recipes, news stories, dispelled myths and brushing up on the basics.