how many cantaloupe per plant

How Many Cantaloupe Per Plant Should I Expect?

You don’t ask for much, do you? You want to know how many melons each cantaloupe plant will produce?

I will start off with giving you what I consider a good average. My average plants, in a variety of conditions, produce between 6 to 12 cantaloupes on each. Now, is that the right answer for you? Probably not. Let’s dig a little deeper.

A few years ago I asked a similar question to a group of growers, and the answers were all over the place. There were a few avid gardeners who claimed they produced 15 to 30 per plant. Some other gardeners, just as avid, claimed they got only a few per plant.

So, what was the difference? It started with the variety of cantaloupe seeds they chose. Some varieties produce more cantaloupes than others. If you check on the packages, most of them will make statements about yield. That was just the start of our conversation, though.

After almost 30 minutes of discussion, it became apparent the gardeners had almost as much to do with the yield as the plant selection. Some of the gardeners wanted larger melons and would prune back excessive blooms to keep the melon count down. Others let every bloom have a shot to see if it would produce.

cantaloupeThe highest producing gardeners were the ones who worked the hardest. They made sure their soils were at the perfect nitrogen levels for growing cantaloupe. They watered more frequently and in greater amounts than the rest of us. Their results showed it.

The one person with the wildest claim on production kind of shocked all of us. He claimed he never fertilized and infrequently watered. But, there was a small smirk on his face when he said it. It turns out his cantaloupe were growing where he had a chicken coop the year before. The soil was rich in nitrogen from all the chicken poop. It was just a few feet from a watering tank for a horse which trickled water into his cantaloupe patch all season. While he did the least work, he had the best growing environment of anyone.

Now, back to your question. If you want to get high yields for your cantaloupe, choose a seed variety that claims high yield. An example would be the Penni F1. Make sure you fertilize the ground you are going to plant the cantaloupe in. You can choose to fertilize with manure or go with a commercial fertilizer. It is usually advised to wait until the plant starts growing to use commercial fertilizers.

Make sure you water your cantaloupe frequently. They are a large fruit, and the vines require a lot of water, also.

If properly cared for, your cantaloupe should produce up to a dozen beautiful melons per vine. Instead of feeding just your family, you may be giving cantaloupe away to neighbors and friends, too. Unless you have very poor soil or neglect your plants, you should never get less than about 4 melons per vine. Hopefully, that gets you on the right track.lly that gets you on the right track.