Which Type Of Banana Is Good For Babies?

Selecting the right foods for babies is of the utmost importance.

You might be wondering if bananas are even good for babies and if so, what kinds? There are indeed different types of bananas, and the list of foods babies can eat expands as they get older. What types of bananas are good for babies and how can they be eaten? 

Let me first serve to be a reminder that bananas are one of the most prominent ingredients in baby foods. Do you remember? You could taste one right now, and your memory sensors would take you back to be sure. Bananas aren’t just a good choice, but happen to be a soft fruit that can be given to babies right at the onset of weaning. 

Bananas are soft as mentioned, and they are also sweet. Babies love them, and what has been said so far is a big part of why this fruit is used so often in baby foods. Yet it of course has to do with the nutrient profile of bananas, too. Other foods used in baby food products have great nutrient profiles, too, but bananas are definitely a great choice. 

They are an all-natural fruit, low in calories and high in vitamin B6. Bananas also contain a lot of potassium and have a high vitamin C content. When it comes to vitamin C, you most likely think of citrus fruits. Yet bananas are a good source of vitamin C, too. 

And you don’t have to purchase baby food that has bananas as an ingredient. You can cut a whole fresh banana up into smaller pieces. Yet you are also going to want to mash up those pieces for younger babies. It was mentioned that bananas can be given to children who have started weening. You will see different recommendations, and it’s always best to go with what the doctor says. 

That being said, I can tell you that most doctors would say to wait on bananas until 6 months. At 9 months, your baby will be able to eat the small pieces of banana without them being pureed. And when your baby reaches a year old, you can just hand him or her the banana, with the exception of the fact you will need to peel it first. 

While you can hand your baby a peeled banana at one year old, you can also promote him or her learning how to use a baby’s fork to eat food. There are also banana recipes you can make. That being said, while bananas are popular baby foods, don’t overdo it. Remember that moderation is key, and your baby needs different foods for a well-rounded diet. 

As for what bananas are best, you might want to just start with regular bananas. This isn’t Food Network here. You’re wanting to introduce your baby to good, healthy foods that he or she can eat, and the banana is one of the most often-suggested foods for babies, starting at 6 months. Notice that some sites suggest 4 months, but I’m going to tell you do what the doctor says.