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How much calcium is in orange juice ?

Calcium In Orange Juice


How much calcium is in orange juice? As we look for ways to keep ourselves healthy and happy, we look to foods, supplements, and other items to help us get what our body requires. Calcium is important to humans for a number of reasons. Let’s consider some of those benefits, and then let’s discuss whether or not orange juice has enough calcium to give it the benefit of being more than just a tasty juice drink.



Benefits Of Calcium

When it comes to calcium health benefits, there are some impressive features to keep in mind:


  • Calcium protects your cardiac muscles.
  • Calcium assists in proper blood pressure control.
  • Calcium helps you maintain your optimal weight.
  • Calcium brings down the risk of colon cancer, as well as kidney stones.
  • Calcium maintains good alkaline pH levels.
  • Calcium can prevent premenstrual depression/anxiety.
  • Calcium can strengthen your bones, while simultaneously working to prevent osteoporosis.


That is just a short list of what calcium brings to the table. Another nice thing about calcium is that we can get it from a lot of different sources. Various dairy products, nuts, seeds, certain fish (such as salmon), and leafy greens are just a few of the ways to get the proper amount of calcium each day. Orange juice is another prime example, which brings us back to the question of how much calcium is in orange juice.


How Much Calcium is in Orange Juice ?

On average, an 8oz glass of orange juice will contain around 25mg of calcium. This translates to roughly 3% of your daily volume. An average bottle/container of

orange juice will contain anywhere from 350 to 500mg of calcium. That can also be understood as thirty-five to fifty percent of your daily volume. There are obviously exceptions to this rule, which means you will want to read the labels carefully. Nonetheless, this is more or less in the neighborhood of what you can expect.


This should give you a solid idea of how much calcium is in orange juice. The next step is to decide what to do with this information.


In case you’re wondering about recommended daily averages (RDA), there are a few facts to consider. For both men and women between the ages of eighteen and fifty, the RDA for calcium is around 1000mg. Once males hit the age of fifty-one, they will need approximately 1000mg of calcium per day. For women over fifty, the RDA climbs to around 1200mg per day.


However, if you shop for orange juice fortified with calcium, you can increase your calcium intake to a significant degree. Just one cup of orange juice fortified with calcium can give you 500mg of calcium. Keeping in mind that the RDA for men and women from 18-50 need about 1000mg, one cup of orange juice fortified with calcium can give you upwards of half of the calcium you need. In terms of how much calcium is in orange juice, products that have been fortified with calcium are definitely the types of orange juice you want to make it a point to purchase.