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Using banana as an egg substitute

Using Banana as an Egg Substitute


Is there such a thing as a banana egg substitute? You better believe there is! When it comes to vegan alternatives to eggs, you have some pretty neat options to play with. Most recipes can use this egg for banana substitute. That is one of the first benefits to swapping eggs for bananas. Another benefit would be how simple the whole thing is. When it comes to how to use banana as a substitute for egg whites cooking, you’re going to find the switch to be remarkably straightforward.


We will show you how to make the substitution. We can also show you some of the other great vegan substitutes for eggs that you can keep in mind, if bananas aren’t really your thing.


Can I Exchange Eggs For Bananas In My Recipe?

The banana egg substitute is completely safe. It will also meet any requirements you have for choosing alternatives that are definitively vegan-friendly. There is no question that eggs are definitely crucial in many recipes, particularly when it comes to cakes. You need eggs for binding, essential moisture, and leavening. Bananas can fill in most of those needs just fine. Mainly, you can count on bananas to give you the moisture and binding your recipe requires. In terms of leavening, you may need to have something else on hand.


You should also keep in mind that bananas have a flavor that is distinctive. It will be part of whatever you are baking, so try to make sure your recipe can complement nicely with bananas. Otherwise, the taste may prove to be a little too strange for you!


In terms of how to use banana as a substitute for egg whites, here is what you need to know:


  • For each egg being used, put ½ of a banana into your bowl.
  • Mash up your bananas with your fork. You don’t want any large lumps to remain.
  • Measure out ¼ cup of mashed banana for each egg the recipe calls for. It is entirely possible that you will have some banana leftover. You may even have to mash a little more.
  • Add your mashed banana to your other wet ingredients.
  • If the recipe needs a significant amount of leavening, then make sure your banana egg substitute also includes ¼ TSP to ½ TSP of baking powder. This baking powder will need to be mixed with the other dry ingredients in your recipe.


These steps should be just fine for any cakes, cookies, or similar goods you want to bake. To mash your bananas, consider using potato masher or fork. If you don’t want to use baking powder, or if you can’t, then look to yeast or baking soda. Remember these substitutions for your leavening needs are only going to be necessary where leavening is important.


More Vegan Subs For Eggs

Now that we’ve covered how to use banana as a substitute for egg whites, let’s take a look at a few more potential vegan substitutes for eggs:


  • Flegg: This is a nice substitute made from 1 TBSP of flax meal and 3 TBSP of hot water.
  • Chia seeds: Simply combine with hot water!
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Silken tofu
  • Applesauce