Weekly Vegetarian Recipe Roundup

Weekly Vegetarian Recipe Roundup (4/12-4/18)

Last week I tromped to a new naturopath, who advised researching a grain-free diet to alleviate my skin problems. Before this suggestion, I’d seen GAPS mentioned here and there on a few blogs, but never really given much thought to why anyone would want to eliminate grain from their diet. The good news is that quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are technically seeds, therefore grain-free folks can gobble them up (although rumor has it the hardcore grain-free kids still don’t). After all, grains are such nutritional powerhouses, let alone one of the best ways to eat healthfully for cheap…how could anyone p

Weekly Vegetarian Recipe RoundupWhether or not I’ll choose to actually commit to a grain-free diet for the following month, the mere mention of it has made me curious: what can one eat when they steer clear of grains? I was surprised to learn last night that tapioca is a root, therefore it’s a go for those on a grain-free diet. This means for an occasional sweet treat I could replace my beloved rice pudding with tapioca pudding. Yay!

Anyway, all this grain-free business aside, here are the tastiest vegetarian recipes from this last week that I’d like to share (and for the record the food allergy key is v = vegan; glf = gluten-free; grf = grain-free; sf = soy-free; nf = nut free):


  • Mini Crustless Kale & Mushroom Quiches –Vegan Culinary Crusade, via YumUniverse (v, glf, grf)
  • Avocado & Breakfast Pizza – Justina Blakeney & Caitlin Levin, via Pinterest


  • Butternut Squash Pizza and Gruyere and Arugula – Eat, Live, Run (grf, sf, nf)
  • Raw Beet Burgers – The Organic Climber (v, glf, grf)
  • Lentil Cakes with Pesto, Wilted Greens * Lemon-Thyme Zucchini Fries – Roost (glf, grf, sf, nf) – warning: the pictures will make you drool.
  • Roasted Pumpkin with Walnut & Coconut Crumb – Scandi Foodie (v, glf, grf, sf) – a sweet treat if you’re off sugar and jonesin for something naturally sweet.
  • Beet & Orange Salad – Macheesmo (glf, grf, sf, nf if you substitute buckwheat groats for the pistachios)
  • Asparagus & Green Onion Saute – Epicurious (v, glf, grf, sf, nf)
  • Cabbage Stir Fry – Sailu’s Kitchen (v, glf, grf, sf, nf)
  • Kale Pesto & Zucchini “Pasta” – Melisa Deault, YumUniverse (v, glf, grf, sf)
  • Flax & Parmesan Pizza Crust – I Breathe…I’m Hungry… via Pinterest (glf, grf, sf, nf) – this is the item I’m most excited about this week. As someone who’s always on the hunt for high-fiber recipes, this is about as fiber indulgent and guilt-free as pizza dough comes.

Sweet treat:

  • Whole Wheat Ginger Scones – Martha Rose Shulman on New York Times (v if you use a non-dairy milk, sf) – ginger.scones…tell me you’re not totally curious.
  • Raw Vegan Kale Ice Cream – Adeline a la Carte Health, via YumUniverse (v, glf, grf, sf, nf if you use a different milk)
  • 3-Ingredient Crispy Rice Fudge – Attune Foods, via Family Fresh Cooking (v if you use vegan chocolate, glf, sf, nf)

Until next time, you can keep track of me on Pinterest and in the next few days I’ll be blogging an eggless “quiche” and my progress working on a farm.

Thanks for reading!