Sassy answers to commonly asked questions about vegetarianism

I appreciate a recent post that Megan Rascal wrote for vegansaurus! discussing easy answers to commonly asked questions about veganism. While there are a few questions specific to veganism, most of Megan’s questions are also asked of vegetarians.

While I’ve seen these types of posts before, there’s something about that vegansaurus! sass that made me want to share these with you.

Here are a few of Megan’s responses that I particularly liked:

2. But cheese is gooooooood.

I didn’t give up cheese because I don’t like the taste (and the addictive casein high!), I gave it up because I morally object to the way it’s made. Did you know that male calves are taken away from their moms the day they’re born so they can be sold for veal? You know, because their mom’s milk is for humans, not for their baby. I like cheese but I don’t think it’s worth it.

REMEMBER: It’s not about the taste. (Ashley: this also works for meat and eggs)

3. Animals eat each other, why shouldn’t we?

Animals do a lot of stuff we don’t do—my neighbor’s dog eats its own shit. Humans are thoughtful, reflective beings and we can make choices in a way most animals can’t. Except lots of animals, including gorillas, who are badass natural vegans and way better than us.

REMEMBER: Humans have choices.

7. I tried to be vegan and I got really sick.

That’s weird because usually a vegan diet is healthier than a non-vegan diet. If nutrition was a problem, you could always read more about how to become a healthy vegan and try again! I could help! If you want to talk to someone more professional than me (please note: I wear flip flops in winter and usually have food on my hair, face, and shirt), find a vegan-friendly nutritionist or dietitian!