Apple Martin is a vegetarian

Apple Martin is a vegetarian

Apple Martin is a vegetarianWhenever I cross paths with lifelong vegetarians or vegetarian kiddos, I’m impressed. Whether their dietary choices were theirs, or something they were raised with, I cannot help but delight in their early abstinence from eating meat.

Countless resources rave about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. So just imagine how healthy the body of a lifelong vegetarian — who eats a balanced diet — is. How beneficial it would be when we’re growing the most to consume such a healthy diet.

It took me roughly 24 years to learn how to eat and feed myself properly, to make informed decisions about what I’m eating, which is why I love vegetarian kiddos; I find them really progressive. Most kids, myself included, spend most of their adolescence fitting in and doing what the other kids do. So having ability to say ‘no thanks’ to societal norms, like eating  meat, at such a young age is a great thing.

My hat is off to all vegetarian children, which includes Apple Martin, daughter of Coldplay’s Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The skinny on Apple’s vegetarianism:

  • Fashion designer Stella McCartney is gal pals with Gwyneth, and last year Stella proclaimed responsibility for converting Apple to vegetarianism.
  • Meanwhile, Gwyneth says Apple came to it on her own and never really liked the taste of meat.
  • Since when? Not exactly sure, but it looks like she was given an early taste for meat and dairy-free food, as her parents threw her a vegan first birthday party.
  • Gwyneth tempts her to eat fish every once in awhile (boo!), but mostly when the family is eating meat Apple opts not to.

I wonder if being named after produce enhances the likelihood of one becoming a vegetarian? Doubtful, but c’mon!…maybe?