ried and prepackaged goods

Pantry 101: dried and prepackaged goods every vegetarian should have in their pantry (part 2)

Earlier this week, I discussed some of the bulk food every vegetarian should have in their pantry. Today, I want to outline some of the dried and prepackaged goods that should accompany those items.

Before I dive into Frankie Avalon Wolfe’s list (found in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegetarianism), I must confess that I like to avoid prepackaged foods as much as possible, but that’s not always easy depending on the season and where you live.

ried and prepackaged goods

Alright, here’s Wolfe’s recommended list of dried and prepacked goods every vegetarian should have on-hand:

(Since I live in a tiny apartment with only two cupboards, I’m really conservative with that I have on-hand at all times, so I have bolded my essentials)

  1. Prepackaged grainsI am more inclined to get these as bulk food, as they’re often cheaper; however, Trader Joe’s offers some pretty excellent quinoa,
  2. Cerealmore often than not I can’t pronounce most of the ingredients in most cereals, so I either go Kashi or not at all
  3. Couscous – my favorite is also found at Trader Joe’s – I like both the Israeli couscous (each grain is massive) and the whole wheat couscous
  4. Vegetable bouillon
  5. Spices
  6. Hummus – since homemade hummus is incredibly easy and fare more tasty, opt to make your own
  7. Falafelevery falafel mix I’ve attempted has failed miserably, likely operator error, so I avoid homemade and mix altogether and only eat falafel when I’m out
  8. Tofu scrambler mix
  9. Tabbouleh
  10. Dehydrated refried beans – I had to Google these to learn what they are, as I find dehydrated anything – except fruit – kinda disgusting. Instead of a just-add-water approach, I’d encourage you to get canned vegetarian refried beans instead (or to make your own)
  11. Dehydrated soupsalong the same lines as dehydrated refried beans; besides, you can either make your own soups or get some seriously delicious vegetarian canned soups, like Amy’s soups
  12. Dehydrated mashed potatoes make your own from real potatoes, NOT hard
  13. Egg replacerI’m a lacto ovo vegetarian, so replacements aren’t relevant for me
  14. Whole wheat pastanot on Wolfe’s list, but I always have one or two types of whole wheat pasta on-hand for a quick meal

In this series, part three will detail what TCIGtV recommends every vegetarian’s pantry should have in terms of canned goods.

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